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Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla and Bracco Italiano

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Haunsperg Gundogs

Leiborschy Ulsan von Haunsperg "Henrik"

Carenage di Matteo von Haunsperg "Rembrandt"

Gunstrux Hergé's Adventures of Haunsperg "Hergé" 




















Leiborschy Ulsan von Haunsperg Sh CM - Born 19/06/02  Sire Gavic Gold Bullion Dam Lanspar Tarkony - "Henrik" is the clown of the household! An openly affectionate member of the family, he constantly amuses us with his antics.  We certainly feel that he will never cease to be a puppy.  He is the most biddable and adaptable dog we have ever owned and will do anything we ask of him, as his sole purpose in life is to keep his owners happy.  Henrik has the most beautiful deep russet colour and fabulous wire coat the breed requires.  He is truly a dual purpose gundog, who works on a local shoot, and has a prolific show career. He is related directly to the first breeding pair of HWV in the UK.   His awards are numerous at the highest level and he made breed history by earning his Show Certificate of Merit and by winning Best in Show at an all breeds Open Show.  In gaining his Sh CM, he achieved one Best in Show, a group 1, a Group 2, 2 Group 3's and 2 Group 4's.  In 2004 he was the Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Male in the country (awarded by Pedigree/Dog World/Eukanuba/Our Dogs, he was the HWVA Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizlsa in 2004/5, in 2006 he achieved the Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla in the country award (awarded by Pedigree/Dog World/Quistel/Our Dogs, in addition to the HWVCGB Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla 2006/7 and the HWVA Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Male.  In 2006 he was the Colchester Dog of the Year and represented the Colchester and District Training Society at the Essex Show Dog of the Year final in March 2007.  He finished 2007 by reaching the semi-finals of the Border Counties Gundog Club Supermatch and for the second time was the HWVCGB Top Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla 2007/8 There is no doubt he has proven himself in the show ring!  Henrik is a proven stud dog.   Henrik suddenly passed away in August 2008 having just turned 6 years old.  We are still absolutely devastated by his loss and home is just not the same without him.  He will live on in our hearts and in his puppies. Sadly a dog such as Henrik comes along once in a lifetime, thankfully we have semen stored from Henrik so when the time is right our household will become the home to a Henrik son or daughter however it is anticipated this will not be in the foreseeable future - Haunsperg Gundogs will therefore continue with our main breed the Bracco Italiano.

Carenage Di Matteo von Haunsperg - Born 20/04/99  Sire Boris dei Ronchi (Imp Italy) Dam Sentling Valpantena - "Rembrandt" is the aristocrat of the household.  He is one of the original Bracco in the UK with his father being from the famous Dei Ronchi kennel in Italy.  His general outlook of life is that he is far too good for everything around him  Behind that aristocratic exterior there is however a humorous and affectionate dog who is a joy to live with.  Rembrandt has been lightly shown,(preferring to leave the show stuff to Henrik!) with success both at championship and open show level.  He has achieved Best of Breeds.  At the inaugural Bracco Italiano Show during 2008 achieved Best Veteran in Show followed by the Bracco Italiano Society Top Veteran 2008.  He continues his veteran showing by recently winning Best Veteran in Breed at Darlington Championship Show 2008.  During 2009 he has also been awarded Best Veteran in Breed, Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex at the National Gundog Championship Show.  In 2010 he achieved Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show at the Bracco Italiano Society Open Show.  He is at his most happiest (other than when sleeping) when he is working.  The "work" he has been trained to do is that of a Search and Tracking Dog.  He started his training at the age of 5 months.  The phenomenal scenting ability of the Bracco Italiano ensures that Rembrandt is an excellent tracking dog.  He is tracked on a harness and line.  He can be used to search for any articles, people or a combination of both.  Rembrandt's ability and performance within this field has interested a number of police forces within the UK to consider the Bracco Italiano as operational police tracking dogs.  Rembrandt is retired from his search work, however should the need arise there is no doubt that he could still do the job he is trained for.  Rembrandt also had the honour of being included in the Bracco Italiano Breed Society in Italy (SABI) Year Book 2007. On the 30th June 2011 sadly Rembrandt died, thankfully he was at home and passed away in his sleep.  He had been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days before he died.  He was a true ambassador for the breed, an absolute gentleman in all he did.  We all miss him terribly and feel so honoured to have spent nearly 13 wonderful years with him sharing our lives.

Gunstrux Hergés Adventures of Haunsperg Sh CM - Born 14th July 2009 Sire Int Sh Ch, Rus.Ch Sk.Ch, Lt Ch Galantuomo di Cacciola EKFW09 EstW09 WW10 Dam Int.Sh.Ch. Heinaaron Gioia di Natale for Gunstrux SW04 W05 EUW06 (Imp Fin) - Following a long time investigating importing a Bracco from Italy we came to the conclusion, that although we wanted to bring new blood into the country to build on the already solid foundations of Bracchi in the UK, the prospect of waiting until the dog was 10 months old before arriving in the country did not really fit our requirements.  "Hergé" joined our home at the end of August 2009 and has certainly settled in.  He is the most confident and outward going puppy we have ever known!  We hope to work and show Hergé but as with all the dogs he is first and foremost a family pet.  We are absolutely thrilled with him so far - we will keep the website updated with his progress.  Hergé made his debut in the show ring in Feb 2010 and is consistently achieving top results.  His debut at Championship level came in April 2010 at WELKS, he won a large puppy class of 12 entries and was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.  His puppy career in the ring has been extremely successful and very enjoyable.  In total he has achieved the following: From 4 Championship Shows - 3 Best Puppy in Breed and 1 RBD, he reached the last 8 of the Gundog Puppy Group and the last 8 of the Puppy Stakes.  At Open Show level - 4 Reserve Best Puppy in Show, 1 Gundog Group 1, 3 Gundog Puppy Group 1, 1 Gundog Puppy Group 2, 1 Gundog Puppy Group 3 and 1 Gundog Puppy Group 4 plus 4 Best of Breed, 8 Best Puppy in Breed and 1 Reserve Best of Breed. Hergé represented the breed at the Border Counties Gundog Club Supermatch in 2010 winning a photo taken by canine photographers Photocall, click HERE to see it.  His wins have continued since coming out of puppy. Hergé was health tested in September 2010, he has a hip score of 9 (4/5), an elbow score of 0 and has a clear eye certificate for any hereditary diseases. In February 2011   Hergé achieved Best in Show at Cumberland CS and just 1 week later achieved his Show Certificate of Merit at just 18 months old.


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